Since the success of the Aug. 1, 2016 “Broadway for Black Lives Matter” special event, the Broadway Advocacy Coalition (BAC) continues to work closely with Columbia Law School and the Center for Institutional and Social Change to build a dynamic new platform for sparking dialogue—and collective action—around social and racial justice. This unique collaboration inspired a monthly series event called, The Invitation, blending artistry and activism—artivism, rooted in history, advocacy, law, and policy, to inspire change.   On December 6th, the latest installment, The Invitation: The American Hangover used dialogue and performance to empower and educate the community on how to remain hopeful after the 2016 Presidential Election.


The American Hangover: A Toolkit

The Center for Institutional and Social Change is proud to present a preliminary toolkit of resources related to the issues explored at the event, along with a link to footage of the event.  Please visit our related page.


the american hangover: the program

More than 30 distinguished performers, scholars, experts, and activists came together to present their work in a variety of formats.  See the evening's program.