Building a Culture of Full Participation in Legal Institutions: Clifford Chance Lecture by Prof. Susan Sturm

Thursday, March 23rd, 2017
Jerome Greene Hall, Room 101

Center Director Susan Sturm, the George M. Jaffin Professor of Law and Social Responsibility, shared her ongoing research on court systems and law schools that have undertaken to build a culture of full participation. In her lecture, she offered an approach that undertakes both to reduce disparities related to identities, including race, gender, and socio-economic status, and to advance broader goals related to the mission, such as building a judicial system with a culture of justice and fairness or a law school culture that enables students with all different backgrounds and identities to thrive. This both/and approach is part of a broader theory of how organizations can effectively and sustainably address structural inequality. The lecture also explored the impact of the Trump administration on these approaches, and included an interactive component.