Lawyering for Change Podcast: Episode Two

Program Officer Doug Wood

The second episode in the "Lawyering for Change" podcast series features an interview with Douglas Wood, a program officer working on the Higher Education for Social Justice initiative team at the Ford Foundation. During this interview, Mr. Wood elaborates on his efforts to provide place-based education opportunities for communities that are often marginalized in the United States, including the formerly incarcerated and undocumented immigrants. Emphasizing the need for both sustainability and an understanding of the community you are working in, Mr. Wood explains that one key aspect of these education initiatives is that local partners - organizations, teachers, and students from the community itself - drive them. He also discusses the importance of (1) identifying those systemic barriers that hinder educational opportunities for the community he is working in; and then (2) connecting the efforts being done on the ground to federal and state policy to address and break down these barriers. 

About the Podcast

 “Lawyering for Change” is a podcast series that engages with lawyers and other practitioners in an effort to break the mold around what you can achieve with a legal education. Created by the Center for Institutional and Social Change at Columbia Law School, each episode features an interview with one or more individuals working to improve public education, organize grassroots campaigns for prison reform, provide leadership and advocacy training, build the capacity of non-profit organizations, and more.