Collaboration and Catalyst Paper for Full Participation Launched

The catalyst paper offers a framework for connecting this set of conversations about change in higher education that often proceed separately but need to be brought together to gain traction within both the institutional and national policy arenas.

The Center for Institutional and Social Change, with Imagining America (IA), the New England Resource Center for Higher Education (NERCHE), Syracuse University’s Scholarship in Action, and IA’s Publicly Active Graduate Education (PAGE) program have come together to build knowledge and momentum for integrating projects and people working under the umbrella of equity, diversity and/or inclusion with those working under the umbrella of community, public and/or civic engagement. 

This catalyst paper is intended to stimulate conversations and movement in that direction.  The project grew out of a discovery that each of the authors, and the organizations they represent, have come to the realization that the long term success of diversity, public engagement, and student success initiatives requires their fuller integration with each other and the transformation of their larger institutional settings.

To learn more, please visit the Catalyst Paper website, where you can download the publication.