Political Autobiographies and Transformative Leadership

Bryonn Bain works with students on developing their political autobiographies.

Bryonn Bain

Students in the Diversity and Innovation seminar and research practicum are preparing "political autobiographies" that explore each student’s “project” as an seminar member, as a field researcher collaborating with communities to explore diversity and innovation in a particular context, as a member of the law school community, and as a future professional.  The political autobiography is an opportunity to reflect on the burning questions that recur as central to future lawyers’ sense of meaning and identity, and to explore how those burning questions connect to the issues they hope to address through their work in the world long term and through their collaborative field research in Diversity and Innovation.  Bryonn Bain, a spoken word performance artist and Harvard Law School graduate, is working with us to shape and share our political autobiographies as a living theater of community and action.