Lawyering for Change Podcast Launches

What do lawyers do?


Some may think there is a short or simple answer to that question, but in fact lawyers work in a wide range areas and have a significant impact on social change across the country. “Lawyering for Change” is a podcast series that engages with lawyers and other practitioners in an effort to break the mold around what you can achieve with a legal education. Each episode features an interview with one or more individuals working to improve public education, organize grassroots campaigns for prison reform, provide leadership and advocacy training, build the capacity of non-profit organizations, and more.

Created by the Center for Institutional and Social Change at Columbia Law School, the “Lawyering for Change” is a resource for both law students and attorneys as they consider beginning or shifting their legal career. Each episode provides insight into the strategies and skills that lawyers use in undertaking social change. The series is also an opportunity to learn more about areas of public interest law including public education reform, prisoners’ rights, and immigration reform.