Samara Weiss


Samara Weiss is the Coordinator for the Center for Institutional and Social Change.  She has previously worked as a coordinator for the Bronx Volunteer Coalition, focusing on promoting locally-directed volunteerism in the Bronx, and for JASA and the Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty, with a focus on hunger-relief.  She has served in AmeriCorps twice, once as a volunteer coordinator, and once as a literacy advocate working with pre-literate and incarcerated minors.  In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, she coordinated relief efforts to provide food and vital hygiene for seniors in Brooklyn who were unable to escape the storm.  

Her BA is from UCLA, with additional academic work at the University of Hyderabad.  She is also a playwright, holding an MFA from Columbia, and collaborating frequently with an NYU Humanities Intiative Working Group, The Lucrece Project, which was formed to promote communication and collaboration between academia and the fine arts.  Professional affiliations: New Georges, UAW 2110.